@ Wake Forest University

Gathering groups of people (or animals for that matter!) together to move is one of my greatest joys. My hope in every class is to foster a mindful environment that is calming, motivating, creative, fun and welcoming to all. I believe in "open level classes" and invite both beginners and seasoned movers alike to join in to create a spirit that we can truly learn something new from each other. Modifications will be offered for exercises to accommodate to the individual needs of each participant. Practically speaking, seeing and feeling results from each class drives the classes forward and inspires us to keep coming back for more.

Virtual Classes Online

I have had the privilege of being able to take many in person fitness classes my entire life as I trained professionally as a dancer. I say privilege because it truly has been that - a privilege being able to move, a privilege to have had the time, the money, and the resources available to me. Now that I have a child and no longer live in a big city saving both time and money has led me to seek workout classes out virtually, but has also led me to appreciate time taking my workout outdoors at local parks and even in my backyard. I hope these virtual workouts do the same for you and enable you to stay healthy and moving while still being convenient and fun. Join me to create a virtual community and let's inspire each other to keep on moving! 



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5:30-6:15 PM

10:30-11:15 AM

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